Urine is one of the easiest biological materials to diagnose. It has a less complex structure than blood and is, therefore, easier to characterize. Sampling is simple and non-invasive. The samples have a large volume, which allows their analysis to measure many parameters simultaneously. They are characterized by high protein and peptide stability, and the results obtained will reflect the organism’s physiological state.

Currently, more and more scientific publications point to new factors in urine as potential biomarkers for detecting various diseases. Projections show that 400,000 people in the EU will develop bladder cancer in the next five years, and around 40% will die because they are not correctly diagnosed. Medical costs are also high, ranging from $ 90,000 to $ 200,000.

Early diagnosis is not only a chance to reduce treatment costs, but the detection of the initial stage of the disease significantly increases the likelihood of a complete cure. There is now a biomarker for diagnosing a variety of diseases. UroScan is a company that responds to the challenges and needs of modern medicine. Analyzing the scientific data, we noticed the growing demand for quick, cheap, and, above all, reliable diagnostics.

The UroScan team developed a miniature and easy-to-use medical device. It is designed to measure various parameters from urine samples. Ultimately, it will measure ten basic parameters: urobilinogen, bilirubin, ketones (acetoacetic acid), blood (erythrocytes, hemoglobin), protein, nitrite, leukocytes, glucose, specific gravity, pH.

It will also be able to read non-standard ingredients and compounds such as microalbumin, creatinine, and ascorbic acid, which is essential in diagnosing chronic diseases. The test will also detect bacterial urinary tract infections.